The SDG World Records (, like a famous World Records System, is the authority that will decide on the records themselves and their exact requirements, and will provide adjudicators for events to determine the veracity of record attempts.


The list of records which the SDG World Records ( covers is fixed within the Sustainable Development Goals. Records may be added and also removed for various reasons.


To become a SDG World Records title holder is no easy task, and achieving the SDG contribution in your field is only the beginning, then you have to prove it!


The public are invited to submit applications for records within the remit of the SDGs, which can be either the bettering of existing records or substantial achievements which could constitute a new record.




Professional Services for Corporate


Our World Records Partners offer professional services to integrate corporates’ key messages and sustainability brand values to deliver a record campaign that engages the audience with authenticity, unlocking an unforgettable event.


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